The best / worst fan reactions to negative Dark Knight Rises reviews

As you might be aware, the final instalment in Christopher Nolan's epic Batman trilogy, The Dark Knight Rises, is released this week. 

Here is a photo of Bane approximating the tension levels of fans worldwide - he is the fans and the cop is a calendar: 

Given the nature of the film and the immense level of anticipation, only a select few people have actually seen the film yet, and a great deal of them are critics. 

Most people have been expecting the film to be a quality affair, and so far the critical response has been one of acclaim. Well, almost. 

As was reported earlier today, the first negative review - by Marshall Fine - was met with a tide of abuse.

Now that a few others have also joined in the small but not particularly powerful coalition of Nolan doubters, there are even more enraged fan comments to choose from. Here are some of my favourites: 

"I know u are one of those pretentious guys that gave 'Brokeback Mountain' a 5 on 5 just to try to look cool and intellectually superior!!!"
- Shar

"This is bull krap. By the way, there was a typo "it retrospect" and you call yourself an editor"
- Sam Aguilar

"Your crazy."
- Hector A

"stupid arse review critic...i will forever ban this critic from my life"
- Avi P

"Seeing as you gave Katy Perry: Part of Me four out of five stars, I just don't think you should be allowed to review films and seeing as everyone else is singing the highest praise for this, I really believe you should throw away your pad and pen."
- Ashley

"Stop hiding behind your 21 year old son as a means of giving street cred to your redundant reviews, Christopher. It's becoming a theme of yours."
- Daniel

"You are a let down."
- Colin S

"your dumb! your the only one out of millions to say something so negative and retarded it blows my mind you must not like good movies, go watch your dances with wolves and shutup!"
- Colin S (no relation to the above, presumably)

"I got a lot of sleep last night!"
- Eddie C

"Ms. Lemire you are beautiful but u should limit your reviews to dramas your reviews of any kind of horror or action movie are way off base you obviously do not like these movies so it makes your reviews biased and uninformed"
- Duane A

"I think what we can glean from David Fears windbag of a review is that, even more than movies, he loves his own words. His attempt at witty and clever falls flat, and I am sure that it was more important to him to be the first to dissent, than to actually write a meaningful, intellig ent review"
- justin

And finally, and perhaps most compellingly: 

"U suck"
- Carl C
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  • riksworld's avatar
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    Tuesday 17 Jul 2012 - 3:19 PM
    I think this is not a negative review,In dark knight rises only ban is my hero..Tomy hard is did great job.So I recommend this movie to watch Dark Knight rises.
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  • sweetgirl023's avatar
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    Saturday 21 Jul 2012 - 3:15 AM
    every good thing has critics too..but for me dark knight rises is a good movie.i m a batman series lover.critics just goaway find some other place for it lolzz.
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