Kirsty Whitaker's toy boy - trouble in paradise already

Is this trouble in Paradise for Kirsty Whitaker's new toy boy romance? While party girl Kirsty was spotted out on Brisbane Valley's nightclub strip last night, her new toy boy was no where to be seen.  Whilist there was a string of men in toe this was a key indication that her new romance has already fizzled out. 

Rumours have it that her new toy boy has been linked to having another girl and this has cause tension between the two. 

Another lonely end to the year for Kirsty?  Her family and freinds fear this blow to her self esteem along with her sudden weight gain will effect her successful business.

Stay tuned for more.

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    Monday 11 Feb 2013 - 9:51 PM
    JUst wondering WHY you are even wasting your time and life writing about Kirsty Whitaker?? She is NO-ONE! She's nothing but an Attention-Seeker! Anything for money & attention!! She drinks and flirts and tells lots of made up stories to make herself sound better than she actually is! There are plenty more interesting and better people to be writing about!
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